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Apple Sauce


Autumn has arrived! For those of us that live in the northern half of North America that means apple season.

This past weekend on the way home from church, we visited Door Creek Orchard, an apple orchard a few minutes from our house. It is a small orchard but they grow quite a variety of apples. We bought a combination of Jonamac and Wealthy apples. And we will be going back to try some more!


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Frijoles Rancheros


This is a recipe that is typical of northern Mexico. Though it is similar to the more traditional Frijoles de la Olla, this adds a lot more flavor to the pot. It is great in a big bowl with some cornbread on the side or alongside some carne asada, Mexican rice and a simple salad.

My mom recently told me that my grandfather used to make this often, though he would use finely chopped beef instead…

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Raspberry Almond Chocolate Pie Cake



We have a TV in our home office. Maybe that is a good thing or a bad thing. But I like to have the television on while I am working. It helps me concentrate, believe it or not.

I usually watch only a few programs on TV: News, Sports and Food. This recipe is based on a cake Sunny Anderson made with apple pie, rum and chocolate and pecans on Food Network’s show The Kitchen. It was so strange that I…

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DURANGO: Pollo Tepehuano



As some may have noticed, I am trying to find, cook and enjoy recipes from all the states in Mexico. As of yesterday, that was 10 down, 22 to go (including the Federal District)! But here comes DURANGO.

I came across this version of Arroz con Pollo in Diana Kennedy’s Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico cookbook. I liked it because, as Mrs. Kennedy says in her introduction to the recipe, “Fo…

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Menestra - Sopa de Verduras

Menestra, or Sopa de Verduras


If you love vegetables, you will love this soup. Not only can you use a variety of vegetables, but you put them in a slow cooker and basically let them cook on their own!

Menestra has many variations.  Much like minestrone, it is a soup you can change based on what you have at home or like to eat. In some places it is more of a stew that includes meat.

This recipe is from the cookbook, The…

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Mexico-via-Mumbai Salsa

Mexico via Mumbai Salsa

We recently came back from a great vacation hiking along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I have some recipes that I will post from that trip, but this is a recipe I found on the way home.

While taking some time enjoying the Twin Cities visiting places like the Como Park Zoo and some great bookstores, I found this recipe in a book that was on the bargain rack: The Sauce Bookby Paul…

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Paletas de jamaica con frambuesa

Paletas de jamaica con frambuesa

Jamaica con frambuesas

If you have ever lived in Mexico or in one of the US-Mexico border states, you have probably seen a paletero pushing his little cart. We even have paleteros here in Madison, Wisconsin!

A paletero sells paletas. But what are paletas? They are basically ice pops, popsicles or whatever you would call something similar. The word paleta comes from the word palo(Spanish for stick).  This little stick…

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Mexican Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

It is the almost the end of July and weather.com says it is 92 degrees Fahrenheit and it feels like 101 degrees at 6 pm.   And I am posting a cookie recipe. Look for a refreshing Agua de Tamarindo recipe in February!

This is a recipe that has some of the flavors I grew up with. Though the original recipe did not call for any fruit, nuts or seeds, I thought these cookies needed something extra to…

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QUINTANA ROO: Arroz estilo Quintana Roo

QUINTANA ROO: Arroz estilo Quintana Roo


Where is the world is Quintana Roo? And I’m not talking about the bicycle. But if you’ve heard of Cozumel or Cancún, you know something about Quintana Roo.

It is the most recent of the Mexican states and it has a very interesting history. Some brief recent history: In the 1840s, the native people fought against the government and set up their own nation. In 1902, the Mexican president declared…

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Aleppo Pepper Chicken Kebabs

Aleppo Pepper Chicken Kebabs


Summer is the time to grill and this is a recipe we have turned to many times. It is simple but has an amazing flavor. I came across the recipe in Bon Appétitmagazine back in 2009. I usually follow the original recipe, but I’ve made a few minor changes. I love the flavor of sumac, so I add some za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend, right before the kebabs go on the grill. You can add more after…

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