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AGUASCALIENTES: Enchiladas Rojas de Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES: Enchiladas Rojas de Aguascalientes


I make enchiladas often because they are “comfort food,” especially in the winter.  But they are delicious year-round too.

This recipe surprised me a bit: It has milk and egg in the sauce!  I never would have thought of adding that to an enchilada sauce.   So, of course, I had to try it.  And they were tasty.  I loved the earthiness of the enchiladas with the freshness of the lettuce, radishes…

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Arroz con Garbanzos


This is another one of our favorite rice dishes.  It is simple, healthy and delicious.  A different kind of rice-and-beans dish!

I like to serve this rice with vegetarian Mexican dishes because the garbanzos (chickpeas) add a bit of protein to the meal along with some texture.  And leftovers are great as a simple rice salad when tossed with some fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and a simple…

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Dakota Seed Bread


There is something satisfying about making bread at home and this is one of my favorites.  I am still a little bit “scared” about making bread (it seems like magic), but I am getting more used to it.

This recipe is from Epicurious and I think I started making this when we lived in Atlanta back in 2002.  I like the original recipe, but thought it needed more seeds, so I added pepitas, amaranth and…

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CHIHUAHUA: Chile con Queso

CHIHUAHUA: Chile con Queso


Chile con Queso is almost a staple on many tables when people are watching sports, like the Final Four this weekend.  Most people are used to the Velveeta and Rotel version, but this is a recipe from Diana Kennedy’s The Essential Cuisines of Mexico.  This is what she says about the recipe:

I had always thought of Chile con Queso as a Texas dish until the first time I went to Chihuahua.  It is…

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Sopa de Albóndigas


I’ve always loved good food.  My mom made sure I tasted something delicious every day, no matter how humble the meal.  But I started cooking “on purpose” many years ago when I began to watch the Food Network.  Along with Sara Moulton’s Cooking Live (a fellow University of Michigan alum), I loved watching the Too Hot Tamales.  Maybe it was because Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken were cooking…

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GUANAJUATO: Calabacitas y Zanahorias con Jitomate

GUANAJUATO: Calabacitas y Zanahorias con Jitomate


This is one of my “go-to” recipes when I need a delicious and easy side dish, especially for Mexican meals.  I came across the recipe in Marge Poore’s 1,000 Mexican Recipes, a book I will recommend again.  Aside from being a simple and delicious recipe, it is easy to add other vegetables, such as sweet corn.  Make it your own!

While this recipe doesn’t necessarily represent Guanajuato, a state in…

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Polvorones de Nuez


I don’t eat a lot of cookies, but I do like shortbread cookies.  In fact, we often keep a pack of Keebler Pecan Sandies in our pantry (sometimes Cashew Sandies).  They are great with some ice cream when you want to relax while watching a movie.  I like my cookies simple, firm and a little bit sweet.

I recently checked out Rick Bayless’ Fiesta at Rick’scookbook from our local public library and I…

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Spelt Indian Flatbread


The words simple and bread rarely seem to go together for me, but that is what happened with this recipe.  Add delicious and it is even better!

This recipe is from a recent Eating Well magazine article.  I’ve posted a soup and bread combination from the same article recently.  This bread recipe is paired with a Winter Vegetable Dalrecipe, which we haven’t tried yet, but we’ve used this bread in…

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SAN LUIS POTOSÍ: Huevos en Rabo de Mestiza

SAN LUIS POTOSÍ: Huevos en Rabo de Mestiza


Though I have heard it said many times, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” I usually don’t have it.  I rarely feel hungry in the morning, so why eat?  And when I do, I try to keep it simple.

But for some reason, weekends are different.  Maybe it’s because David and I have the time to ease into the day.  No rushing.  Just relaxing with a fresh cup of coffee, the newspaper and a…

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Roasted Corn and Cheese

Roasted Corn and Cheese


The Super Bowl and the Olympics are behind us and March Madness approaches. Events like these bring people together.  But a calm, warm summer day can do the same.

I’ve made this dip a few times since I read it in Eating Well’s July/August 2012 issue.  It is delicious with fresh corn but, even in the middle of winter, with frozen corn.  And it is an easy recipe to make.  I’ve made only a few…

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